【Tutorial】 X1 New Upgrade SOON!

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Dear Sofabaton Customer,

Thanks for choosing Sofabaton X1 smart remote.

We are so delighted to tell that we have upgraded details following,which can make you experience much better.

[Update Tips] 

*All the details mentioned below will be updated in the end of November at fast or at latest in the beginning of December.Stay tunned!

-We will update the X1 Sofabaton APP from IOS 3.2.5 to IOS 3.2.7  ;

-We will update the firmware display as following;

-We can support API control by remote;

-We will update Wi-Fi device IP address, which are compatible with different network environments now;

-We will fix the order for Roku forward and reverse Button;

-We will fix some bugs from our valued customers;

-Upgrade OTA, be compatible with 0*29 Command and added MD5 field protocol(It is require to MCU Firmware V12 or above). 

We are quite clear that there is still so much to be improved,much appreciate if you can take more patience and better understanding to Sofabaton and also please feel free to contact us for any needed,thanks so much!


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