SofaBaton X1 Smart Remote: will be fixed by April 12th

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Dear SofaBaton Customer, Thank you for choosing SofaBaton X1 Smart Remote.

Some of the following known bugs will be fixed by April 12th, APP updates will be released at that time.

  1. Fix the infrared learning function of HUB.
  2. Optimize the problem of disconnection between HUB and APP.
  3. Correct the wrong grammar, translation, and guidelines in the APP.
  4. Optimize the problem that adding Roku via WIFI is stuck.

Here are some tips:

Please use the original adapter to fully charge the remote control before using it for the first time.

Please use a 2.4GHz network, and the APP and HUB must be connected to the same network. All signals are sent from the HUB, and the remote control communicates with the HUB via RF.

If it cannot be connected, please restart the power of the HUB, open the APP and search for the X1 HUB again.

We strive to provide customers with a perfect product, but there may still be many shortcomings, and it is impossible to make everyone Satisfied.

If you encounter any problems and obstacles during use, please do not worry, you can directly contact us for after-sales support.

Thank you for your trust and support. Wish you all the best! SofaBaton

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