Thumb Wheel Activity Intermittent Scroll Issues

docdec01 3 month ago ⋅ 195 Read it

Noticed when selecting an activity, using the X1 scroll thumb wheel, the scrolling intermittently works. 

Example:  6 Activities (A, B, C, D, E, F) - currently on Activity E, scroll up towards A and displays scrolls to D then back down to E, then to F.  Playing with the scroll wheel, it will eventually get to A.  The thumb wheel scroll should move smoothly between Activities.

Wifi Firmware Version V2.1.0

X1-Remote Firmware Version 10

X1-Hub Firmware Version 15

App Version 3.3.1

Production Batch  20210609

I also suffer with "double key click" syndrome with Roku & Fire tv stick devices.

Thanks - Docdec01


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