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Good Day,


For the life of me, I can't get past Step 1.


I am using app version 3.2.9 and the X1 hub I have was just purchased today. Understandably the hub needs a firmware update. Using a 2.4 Gz wifi connection on the phone the hub is recognized via Bluetooth and displayed as my choice. Choosing the hub I now configure the wifi connection. I add the 2.4 Gz SSID and password. The hub is never found by the app. The hub DOES connect to the LAN though. It pings on the network and is given it's IP. It is a connected device on my network using a 2.4 Gz signal. It's there right now.


I am not using a VPN, I have no antivirus software running and I use Verizon FiOS without any blocking software or apps. It's just a simple ONT modem with a router. 



I have tried different routers all with 2.4 Gz signals. I have tried other phones hotspot function. Tried three hotspots from three phones, (iphone & Android.) The app does NOT see a hotspot from another phone, EVER. Tried the app to Hub connection on other phones too, without success.


I have tried the:

2022.9.9, Major Update of Android APP ,HUB

white paper on the support page outlining your solution to this pervasive issue. Especially Situation 2. Following the instructions to the letter,  


"If the HUB is connected to WiFi, but the APP cannot search to the HUB (it may not be compatible with the router, such as Eero pro 6), (As in Picture F)."


"At this time, you can update the WiFi configuration first, please follow the points to avoid wifi configuration update failure.


① Close the app.


② Unplug the HUB and plug it again in immediately.


③ The HUB will automatically upgrade the WiFi configuration.


④ Wait for 5 minutes and then open the APP.


After completing the above operations, reopen the app to search and connect to the HUB. Then update the HUB firmware according to Situation 1."


I am really at a loss here. This solution just does not work. I have moved on, regrettably from the Harmony Universe after owning six of their fantastic remotes over 25 years. 


Please give me some direction, otherwise this will have to be returned.





p. s.    Sumbit? 

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Sofabaton Android App Failure




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