I thought I knew how to use the U1???

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I have a new TV, a Samsung one and an old Cisco 4742HDC2 Cable box.

I load in the TV (QN75Q60BAFXZA) and then the cable box can't be found but it does find the 4742HDC... and I accept that figuring they are close to the same.

I can get it working mostly. Was able to connect the power to both as well as the volume and channel change keys.

After that, it go murky. Nothing on the cable box seemed to work? No Guide, Info, down arrow (circle ring pressed down). So I assigned some keys to do that using the actual remote.

Worked basically OK.

Then I added the soundbar, a Samsung HW-Q60B. Found it and loaded it...

Now it got messy. Wanted to control ALL three power buttons with any device power button... either one can't do that or doing so wiped out the Cable Box settings I made?

It is really not that easy to figure out ALL the missing keys, I'd have thought that once the device was downloaded from the cloud, there would be some what to SEE what the key mappings for each device would be?

Am I missing something here? Is the problem that the correct Cable Box was not found part of it?

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