U1 Problem With TCL 55S525

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Okay, I have to say that so far this remote has been a real godsend since I bought it. Worth every penny!

As I mentioned in my first thread, I purchased this for my bedroom home theater system. I love the way this controls everything, and it truly is a bargain. Right now, I have it controlling the following devices:

-Fire Stick 4K Max

-Cable Box

-LG C2 42" TV - which I am using as my computer monitor, gaming monitor for my gaming PC, PS5, etc.

-Home theater receiver

-55" TCL 55S525 - Which I use to stream and watch TV.

The two TV's are right next to each other, if that makes a difference, which I don't think it should.


Anyway, for some reason, it is damned near impossible to get the U1 to interact with my TCL TV if I am more than 4 or 5 feet away from the set. If I am sitting at my computer desk, gaming or doing work on my PC, sitting right in front of the LG TV, my 55" TCL is right nect to me, and the remote works fine. If I am sitting on my bed, 4-5 feet away, pointing the remote directly at my TV, it also works fine.

By the way, it is a really nice touch that the red, green, yellow, and blue buttons all switch to HDMI inputs 1 through 4 directly. But when streaming or watching cable while laying down, I cannot get the remote to work with the TV. Note that it works fine from any distance from the receiver, the LG TV, the cable box, and the Fire Stick is conntected via Bluetooth, so that's really nice. But from more than a few feet away, it is damned near impossible to work the TCL with this remote.

Also of note is that I can control the TCL from any distance using either the stock ROKU remote or my Cablevision remote, which is also connected to the TV via the Fire Stick. So thus far, when streaming from my bed, I have to also use either the cable remote or the Roku remote when changing inputs or turning the TV from more than a few feet away. Any idea what's going on here?



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