U1 - Receiver Volume Across Other Devices

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Hey everyone!

I was skeptical about this remote, but have been using the Logitech Harmony Elite in my living room home theater system, and I will admit it's a beast. I was looking for something for the bedroom, where I also have a home theater system, albeit smaller, and for some reason, Amazon alerted me to a sale on the Sofabaton U1. I had never even heard of the company or this product before, but when it dawned on me that I wouldn't mind a bedroom universal remote, I told Alexa to put it in my cart. Apparently there was some kind of a sale on it, and instead of the normal price, it was selling for $39.99, and Amazon gave me ab automatic coupon on top of that, so I ended up paying around $37.00 for it.

Honestly, this remote is a steal! If I knew how good this would be, I might have bought months ago at a higher price point. The U1 is much better than I expected it to be. I have some complaints, but nothing that I am too worried about.

Anyway, I was wondering if there was a way to control my receiver volume without having to switch to that device with the somewhat awkward wheel? It's not too terrible if there isn't, but it is a little annoying. So, say I am controlling my Fire Stick or my Cable Box, is there some way to link the volume in those devices on the remote to the receiver, so that I don't have to switch?

While I am at it, I wouldn't mind being able to turn the TV on/off while in the cable device or the Fire Stick. I know that my little Fire Stick Remote Pro (and all Fire TV remotes) can control both the TV and the receiver volumes. Not sure if the U1 can do it as well. Not a deal breaker or anything, but it would be nice! :)


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