Button Re-Assignment completely non-functional with X1

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I setup an X1 and after a little tweaking, I actually enjoy using the remote quite a lot. However, the big issue I ran into is that no matter how I try (with iPhone or Android app), the button re-assignment function will NOT work in any way - even tho it shows on the app that the button is assigned to the new action.

What is more frustrating is that function works just fine within the app - I find the command and 'test' it, and works perfectly - I just can't get the physical remote to use it at all...

The worst part? The one button I need to re-assingn... the back button. For whatever reason, the Sofabaton assigned a completely non-functional command for 'back' with my TV - it literally does nothing. So there is literally ZERO way for me to exit anything on my TV interface or within any of the apps.

I searched the internet (and this site) for a while and couldn't find any solution, hence my post. I also emailed Sofabaton support directly and have not heard anything in over 2 weeks. 

Anybody here have similar problems, and more specifically, some sort of solution?


My TV is a Samsung (with simple remote) if that helps with diagnostic

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