Learnt Commands Don't Work In Android App

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I got my X1 and Hub yesterday and so far I have not been impressed :(

The install of the app and the hub went okay but confused with the message about updating firmware and not accessing it for five minutes. From what I can see my kit is already on the current firmware which seems not to have been updated in months. What are the current firmware versions?

Started by adding my Philips OLED TV what was not known but one of the hot search list ones works but you keep getting double click effects so not good.

Then my Sony amp STR-DN1080 which finds a match but not a single input or sound mode button works and it does not even include volume down!

So I thought I would learn Volume down from the original remote and in the android app even when it said it learnt it the test did not.

Later I realised I had assigned my Volume down command to the button on the physical remote and that works (but not volume down on the OLED screen list or in the Android app).

What am I doing wrong, why don't leaned command work in the app or from the remote OLED?

Or is this just a piece of junk that needs to be sent back for a refund?

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