A nightmare from the beginning. A MUST READ and WARNING.

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This is just my personal experiences and may not reflect others' experiences.
I purchased 2 sets (Remote & HUB) while on Kickstarter.

While one remote works 90% of the time the other(s) have noy.
I am on my 3rd (2 replacements) and below is my experience.
I have worked with the SofaBaton support many, many times since the beginning, for months now. They are on the other side of the world so you can imagine getting support takes at least one day, sometimes several, to get a response.

So, I received the replacement remote and hub a couple of weeks ago.
I am still having the exact same problem with this one as the last two.
I am really at a loss here and am done wasting countless hours (more than 40 at least) on trying to get it to work and am moving on to another remote solution.

Here is what I have done since I received this replacement.
- Reset the hub to defaults.
- Replaced my ENTIRE network including a BRAND-NEW router.
- Changed the network name (SSID)
- Moved the router to a new location.
- Moved the hub to three different locations.
- Created an entirely new network.
- Set a reservation for the hubs IP.
- Raised the QOS for the hub to maximum priority.

These are the key issues from the beginning.
-- MOST IMPORTANTLY, the remote randomly stops controlling everything, not just one or two devices. Sometimes I must power cycle the device 2,3 or MORE times to get it working again.
-- Remote still sends the button press command more than once requiring me to use the "macro" fix, which is ridiculous.
-- Since I have two of these, the Alexa integration is useless as you are unable to differentiate between the two resulting to both TVs being turned on when asking Alexa to turn on the TV.

These are other key points about the issue since the beginning.
- I have a 2nd X1 Remote/hub in my bedroom that has had this happen only two times since I have had it since the Kickstarter release. Otherwise, no issues from this one.
- The hub continues to receive the remote signal as the hub’s light still flashes when any remote button is pressed.
- Over the three hubs, I have tried all firmware versions. (Performed firmware updates when available.)
- Over the three remotes, I have tried all firmware versions. (Performed firmware updates when available. The very first firmware update for the remote killed my very first remote.)
- Not only has this happened on all three sets (Original from Kickstarter, Replacement for that and the current one I have), but the first remote died completely after a short time of using it.
- When the remote stops working, neither the remote nor the app work. A reboot is always required.
- When pressing the on/off button of the hub the remote does beep for the 'locate remote' function further proof that the communication between the hub and remote is working.
- Using all original equipment from the box, power, cables, etc...
- Happens whether the remote is fully charged or not. (Not dead obviously.)

If you have read this far, I appreciate your time and hope you use this information to make an educated decision on whether to make the purchase or not.

Thanks again for your time.
Mike L.


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