Some buttons stopped working

les123 14 day ago ⋅ 62 Read it

Is there a known problem with the buttons going bad?

After using it for almost 2 months, the play/pause buttons are getting less responsive and getting worse every day. For example, if I fast forward through some commercials, I can no longer get the fast forward to stop by pressing play or pause. I have to press stop to exit the program then go back into the program. The center button (the OK button in the middle of the L-R-U-D arrows) also doesn't work half the time now. I had to stop using the U1 and go back to the Harmony remote.

The devices I'm specifically controlling and having problems with are Tivo and Roku. All the buttons worked fine when I first set up the U1.

This is too bad, because the U1 is an almost perfect replacement for the Harmony 650.

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