Sofabaton U1 Can be the Mother of All Universal Remotes!

Ramal 29 day ago ⋅ 93 Read it

This Universal Remote Controller is missing 'a simple to follow manual' to help the customer to setup the controller with ease. I have attempted to provide such a doc (see 5 page attachment). There are several YouTube videos and such, but they don't guide you from beginning to end, unless you're well versed in 'tech stuff'. Dealing simultaneously with Sofabaton, the other device remotes and the Smartphone App is not an easy task for many customers.

My experience, was that I had to return the first unit, where the Bluetooth link to iPhone did not happen. The replacement unit had the same issue and I called Tech Support - James from Oregon was extremely helpful and sent me (yet) another replacement directly, guaranteeing that its blue tooth will link with my iPhone 6s. It arrived 2 days back and worked well. Then the challenge was to figure out how to make the Sofabaton U1 do what I want. The attached 5 pages, I hope, will help any reader to setup his/her Sofabaton with very little effort (and save some frustration and time).

This is an excellent product - so I gave it a 5* rating despite the difficulties I mentioned. Thanks to James, Sofabaton company has a satisfied customer.

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