Not able to switch HDMI Inputs

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I have an older Harmony remote that still works but for whatever reason I can no longer update programming. A few people recommended this remote to me, and the price is right. Im in the AV industry, so I generally deal with high end remotes (think URC) and I just didn't want to deal with programming one up for my house right now.

So anyway- I program in my LG TV, Verizon set top box, blu ray player and apple TV. All work fine independently. Here's where my problems start.

So I set up a Macro to turn on the TV, Turn on the Verizon box and set it to HDMI 1. It turns on the TV, turns on the box but won't turn on to HDMI 1. However the button I assigned HDMI 1 to, works fine. Same with the Blue Ray - Turns on TV, turns on blu ray doesn't change to HDMI 2, however the assigned button when clicked aftewards works fine.

However- on the macro for Apple TV , it turns on the TV, turns on the apple TV and switches to HDMI 3.

Why is it working on the Apple TV macro, but not the macro for the Verizon and Blu Ray? (I'm using the large power button as the macro button for all 3, and the source button for the source for all 3).

Not a huge deal to have to press an extra button, but it's kinda frustrating when on the Harmony i could press "watch TV" and it would turn on the tv, correct hdmi and set top box.

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