U1 on PC: Button assignment does not work

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I purchased a U1 a while ago and received it earlier this month. While controlling IR devices works as expected (minus some trouble with my Pure Audio alarm clock and my TV that just turned out to be tricky issues with their respective original remotes) getting the U1 to work on my PC to complete a HTPC setup has been a pure chore.

The arrow and number keys work, but basically everything else doesn't or at least not the way that it should.

And changing button mappings also results in them being completely ignored and forgotten.

I use the iOS app to create button assignments and alike and each time I change the buttons - say, the program buttons to Page Up and Page Down respectively - and use the Back button to return to the previous menu untill I see my device list, then pick up the remote and connect it to my PC and try to use those buttons, nothing happens. When I return to the device menu after re-pairing my Remote using the E and - keys and I go into the PC device and check the assignments, they have ALL been reset to the default!

At this point I think that there is a bug within the iOS app. I have ran out of ideas and since I am on Windows, I can not use xev to look at the actual buttons being pressed. I am still looking for an alternative to that so I can properly understand just what keys are actually being send to my PC via bluetooth.

But one thing is for sure: PC control with the U1 is severely broken right now and this is potentially due to the iOS app - and all of this is nothing but a guesstimate at this point since I have no proper way of validating the data on the remote nor the buttons sent to my OS.

I would love it if you could take a look and find out what the problem is.

My setup:

  • Windows 10 Pro
  • Sofabaton U1 (firmware version 33, batch 20190404)
  • iOS app v3.1.3

To register, I did:

  • Add..
  • Click the bluetooth icon
  • Click "Other"
  • Click next untill the remote unpairs so it can be added on the PC
  • Windows Settings -> Devices -> Add -> Bluetooth -> Sofabaton

Now try out the buttons and after a while, return to the iOS app, re-connect the remote to the app and change button assignments in the PC device.

Reconnect the remote to the PC and verify the remapped buttons; you will notice that nothing has changed.

Reconnect the remote to the app and look at the button assignments; they will have reset to defaults.

So yeah, out of ideas and options at this point. Please look into this. Thank you very much!

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