X1 features, timeline, Pre-orders, Activity?

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Sorry for the crowded title - I am bad at naming posts...

Anyway, so I am currently in the process of moving and without even noticing, I already have an astouding amount of remotes - and there are more to come mainly because of all the LED strips I want to use and devices I already have.

So I saw on the X1 page that it will "possibly" ship early 2022 in Janurary. Considering the current chip shortage affecting way more than just the CPU/GPU industry but basically every tech sector in a whole, I wanted to see what the current status of the release plans are. Well... the Twitter I found is insanely old; it's last post is actually way before the first COVID lockdown. Hence I came here to ask a few things - but most importantly: Is there a set release date that I can look forward to?

Secondly, I am a power user and due to the limited space in my apartment, I would absolutely love to also be able to use the X1 to send media control commands to my PC. Will this be possible as well? Mainly for volume, media playback and maybe summoning a HTPC optimized app (i.e. Kodi) to bring up my media collection or something alike (Playnite in fullscreen mode to launch a game). Since the X1 lacks numeric buttons, I will have to find another way to enter my Windows passcode for the meantime.

The other question is: I know that the X1 has Bluetooth and Infrared. But what about RF? Some LED strips and switch sockets use RF remotes to turn on or off. Is this supported as well?

Thank you very much and kind regards, Ingwie

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