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  • Roku Remote Asterisk Key 4 month ago

    On my X1 the 3 line key does the same thing as the * key on the roku remote, it does the Info function in the command list

  • Please allow us to copy codes between devices. 6 month ago

    with the app version 3.2.9 I was able to create a device for a clock radio that wasn't in the code base and learn all the commands and was able to use the share code base on one remote to upload and to test I was able to see the code base in the list now on the other remote when I went to setup there, I dont need it on that remote but wanted to test and it worked,

  • Which will be decent smart remote to be universal throne? 10 month ago

    with the absence of a numeric key I put favorites in macros it is to bad there is no way to sort or chage ther order

  • Can't connect the x1-remote to anything 10 month ago

    Just an iddea but I had trouble syncing when I got the remete and was about to return to amazon when I thought maybe the power supply was not power ful enough so I used the power supply that came with the remote and no problem since. In other words maybe try a different power supply

  • Can my wife have access to app? 1 year ago

    Well not certain but I was able to use on 2 phones but only one at a time so if 1 phone was connected the other would not but if I total shut down the 1 phone app then the 2nd phone would connect. that was my experience

  • Changing channels 1 year ago

    I tried to suggest to them in an email about adding a favorites list for channels, I would be happy with that but the reply I got was to use macros and although that works but you cannot change the order of macros so if you need to add a channel will be out of order. you can change the order of favorites but not macros in some ways the device is strange

  • Option to change order of "Keys favorites" 1 year ago

    I can change order of Favorites but would like to change order of Macros!

  • 2022.9.9, Major Update of Android APP ,HUB 1 year ago

    My hub updated to 11 but it looks like there is no update for the app on the google play store to 3.2.6, it only shows 3.2.4

  • why am I having to constantly delete and reinstall X1 app? 1 year ago

    Mine will do that but I dont have to uninstall and reinstall, i just need to go into my app list on my phone and force stop and i start the app and it finds the hub and devices and activity. I hope they fix that issue

  • Alexa skill status (X1)? 1 year ago

    my alexa cant find my device So if I create a new account with the same email as alexa will I loose all my programming in the remote or will the hub sync up to the new account?