Can’t get Alexa to work with X1

Kardiel 1 year ago ⋅ 1215 Read it

I have set up the Alexa skill and the X1 account using the same account information, the email address is the same. And, I was able to connect the Alexa skill to my SofaBaton account following the instructions from page 35 of the manual. However, Alexa is unable to discover any new scenes, despite having three activities configured on the X1.

I have tried to have Alexa discover scenes multiple times, but it does not work. 

Any thoughts here?

i'm not sure if this has any bearing on it, but my original SofaBaton account was linked to my Google account. That didn't work for Alexa, so I deleted the Google account and created a new account using my email. However that email wasn't the same as my Amazon account, so I also deleted that account, then created a new account with the same email as Amazon. After that, everything was able to link, but I have the behavior from above where I cannot see the scenes.

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