Hisense 75A6H

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I bought a sofabaton U1. I'm able to program it with the Hisense 75A6G in your IR database, but my TV is 75A6H.

Most of the buttons are fine, but the info button for example goes down, and menu goes home :) .

Most other buttons work fine, so it's okay for now. But it would be nice to have a fully model specific mapping so that all the buttons work correctly :D .

Hisense models are by TV size A6H - so mine is 75" so 75A6H. I assume the A6H remotes are all the same. Below is a picture of my remote. This is the 2022 version of the Hisense TVs.

Once that's clear, it would also be nice to know if the settings button on my original Hisense remote has a button on the U1/assignable, as well as the "account" button.

Right now I'm using the bluetooth to connect to the TV using the "Nvidia Shield" profile, since it's a Google TV. I'm able to program my Insignia receiver for volume. I use the above IR profile for power, and the "stop" button. I had to program page up and page down. I set the source button to HDMI 1, which is my PC.

The PC has a windows media center IR receiver, so I'm able to set that as a separate device on the sofabaton.


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