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Another suggestion I have is to upgrade the documentation that customers see when they open the box for the first time. Like many technical items sold worldwide, there is a "Quick Install" sheet that customers see first and follow to get started. Sofabaton tries to do this but it's confusing. For example, I'm a technical person so I sort of knew what to do but, when I opened the X1 box I saw the Remote and Hub, along with the cables. One problems is, there is no "What's In The Box" diagram showing everything that should be included. Also, the instrctions say to Power up the Hub but it doesn't show what cable to use. Before I get bombarded with hate, what I mean is, there are three connections on the back of the Hub. One is a USB-C connection and two are round Microphone type connectors for the Blasters. I know this but it would be nice if Sofabaton would go a step further and identify the USB-C connector as the "Power". It's little things like this why I firmly believe the documentation needs to be upgraded and hire or assign a non-engineering type person for all documentation.

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