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I don't know where to submit ideas or recommendations so I'll do so here. One of the biggest issues I've seen with new technical or electronic equipment in my 65+ years is the documentation. I firmly believe the biggest issue is, small start ups don't have the man-power so they use Engineers to write the technical documentation and instructions. This is OK for the beginning but as time goes on you need to get a non-engineer to write your documentation. I believe Sofabaton is at that place right now. I really like the X1 Remote but the Instructions are a big problem. Many mispells and bad translation to English. If you could dedicate a writer who knows how to comminicate with engineering type people, this will eliminate many problems for Sofabaton.

Also, your Diagrams and Drawings are not good. If Sofabaton could improve these visual items, including an upgrade to your website, things would would out much more smoothly for you.

Just my two cents...

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