Can't program any devices onto Sofabaton U1

bertom 4 month ago ⋅ 182 Read it

Is there a way to download previous veraions of the Sofabaton app? I have tried adding a Samsung tv, vizio tv and a firestick and always get an error message or an adding new device failed. Or sometimes when I try to add a Samsung tv or vizio tv, it will start downloading the ir code and then stop at 3% and give me an error. I have tried it using my Samsung s21 ultra with android 12, Samsung tab s6 tablet with Android 12 , Samsung tab a tablet with Android 11 and my neices iPhone 12 with ios 15.6 and still can't program anything. I have also tried my home wifi both on the 2.4 ghz network and the 5 ghz network and also my phones mobile 5 g network and always get the same errors. Can anybody give me any ideas?

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