Unable to repair from database

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I have an LG OLED CX TV. It has one button for ON/OFF on the remote.

I know it is possible to asign 2 different signals for power on and power off as it was the case theith the logitech harmony.

When I setup the device in the iPhone app by default:

  • "POWER" switches the TV ON/OFF
  • "POWER OFF" switches the TV OFF
  • "POWER ON" switches the TV ON/OFF

I went to Edit > Add/repair key > POWER OH repair > Filter instructions from cloud data. Through trial and error I found that the 2nd, 4th, 5th codes work well (POWER ON only). Unfortunately when I respond Yes to "does the device respond correctly POWER ON Key function" the new code is not applied and the button stil works as a power switch (ON/OFF). This is trully problematic as the application doesn't work as intended and I don't have a remote to learn the command.

Can you help with resolving this?

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