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First of all forgive me if this question has been asked.  I tried searching for the answer and found the search feature lacking.  I extreamly frustrated at this moment.  I have been working with computers, networks, wifi & bluetooth for nigh 40 years and this has me baffled.

I have the sofabaton U1; which I am trying to pair with the AT&T Osprey C17KW-400 for the directv streaming service.  Occasionally I can get the streaming box to recoginize the new device, but it will not pair.  Either: (a) I am doing something wrong, (b) I have a defective remote, (c) I have a defective streaming device, although the direct tv remote seems to work fine, (d) amazon was wrong and it is not compatible. 

Having scanned through the fourm, I can hopefully can take (d) off the list.

It appears that the remote, is a bluetooth only remote. it would be nice if there was a way for one bluetooth remote to learn from another bluetooth remote.  If it is not goint to work I need to send it back. 


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