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I'm an IT hobbyist with decent knowledge. I bought the X1 to replace my Harmony remote and spent about 10 hours trying to set this up. The process is terribly complicated and too many actions don't work the first time and have to be repeated. The Hub takes forever to connect. This thing behaves like an early Beta product. 

On setup: None of the devices were installed correctly. A few commands work in device mode. Nothing triggers in activity mode. There is no way this device is familiar with 500, 000 devices. And, since the learning function is not working, I can't adapt anything. I'm terribly disappointed and ready to send this back. Before I got into it, I was prodded to update the firmware. I have seen many complaints. Maybe I bricked the thing?

Sofabaton: please confirm and add these devices

  • Spectrum, Model 210-H (DVR box) — won't load with all functions.  I tried assigning various buttons and functions. Power on/off is not working in any variation.
  • Sonos S2, Version 14.19,  (Wifi Sound) — loaded and basic device sound functions seem to work, but NOT in activity mode
  • Samsung, Model UN65MU650D (TV Monitor) — loaded, but power and other functions do not work, will not learn 
  • Apple TV 4K (streaming device) — seems to work as a device, but will not respond in Activity mode

I've followed the manual, online tools and various third-party videos. Tore it down and rebuilt it three times. But, it's just not working. Frustrating. 

Does anyone have any advice? 




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