Problem learning IR remote.

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I just set-up my new X1, my first product from SofaBaton.  I've had some success setting it up with my AV equipment and some failure. As far as I've been able to set it up, I am enjoying using the X1 remote. It's comfortable to hold, ergonomically laid out, response is instantaneous, and it feels very solidly made, as does the hub.

The only three devices I have set up so far are my old, dumb, Vizio TV, my TiVo Romeo, and my Chromecast with Google TV dongle.  When I checked everything out, I discovered that if device TiVo is selected, or I'm still in the TiVo activity I set up, everything works as expected, pretty much, except that the channel and channel– buttons do not control the TiVo, but, rather the TV.  I don't know if that's a code base issue or if it's intentional design, of the sort that Logitech tried to do.

In any case, I set my TiVo remote to IR mode and recorded the channel and channel– buttons.  The recording appeared successful, and when I use those buttons on the remote or through the Android app, I can see the hub blinking its green light, but nothing happens. The buttons have been changed, as they no longer try to switch to the TV's own tuner to change the channel, but it looks to me as though the recording didn't work properly. I tried doing this several times, holding the button on the TiVo remote when it was pointing at the hub for varying lengths of time, but I never got it to work. Does anyone have any hints?  This is not a big deal as I can still grab the TiVo remote if I need to use those buttons until I get my problem solved. Thanks in advance. Jeff

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